Sunday, September 11, 2011

Setting boundaries to the concept of boundaries!

Many factors delineate the boundaries between communities. I believe that the most substantial factor is the economic situation in which the communities lie. There are quite a few reason for the need of boundaries between communities, as much as it may divide the community and may separate and place the people in a specific “status” as positive or negative as it may be, it also had much importance in shaping many well functioning communities today. Creating boundaries between communities, means allowing the broader community to grow in the pace in which it should. To develop the social boundaries that change and vary constantly, to obtain a specific socioeconomic status that will raise the community to a high level and to shape and design the cultural aspect of the community, and give it its “heart” and “personality”- all of the above may be achieved through “playing” with the boundaries between the communities and within the community itself. Without these boundaries, we could have not attained the great success we always attain by getting to know our community and society, shaping it a little more and creating something better and new. If there was no wrong way to handle things, we could have never identified the right and correct it. As I was saying, I believe that the most significant factor, which delineates these boundaries, is the economic status. The economic status has the main affect on most decisions that are made on a daily basis within the government, our community, society or even our own home. It is also the main answer to most hard questions that we would not always be able to understand why money is ever an issue to consider. However, as wealthier the community becomes, so does the crime rate begins spiraling down, and the community becomes a much more pleasant place to live, therefore, allowing the people of the community to develop their own well functioning, high quality life style. Whereas, the more deprived a community is, there will most likely be an increase of crime, unpleasant scenery, and much difficulty to build a strong community. As difficult as it may be, communities that were deprived for many years, and were located on the border with economically established towns, have managed to generate economic stability and create a home for the people within the community. For example, Winter Park, a city in which two very different communities used to live side-by-side yet separately, had many boundaries between the two communities. The east side, populated with wealthy white people- and the west side, populated with poor and deprived African -American people. In the time of segregation there were many boundaries between white and African- American communities. However, the African -American community within Winter Park managed to develop tools of aid to shape their community to its best. As times changed, so did the rules of segregation, thus, giving the west side community the opportunity to grow and develop with the aid and knowledge of the progressed neighbored town on the east side. Therefore, creating a well established community that self correct itself constantly and changes for the better.

Finally, setting boundaries- whether it is set for a child by his or her parents, or a geographical boundary between lands, or even the boundaries of the government laws- are always a good thing. People need to know where is it that they have gone too far, and eventually learn from it in order to never repeat the same mistake again- all this for the well being of the person. However, there is great importance to be aware when the boundaries are not given in the interest of the people and when the boundaries are becoming “outdated”. Therefore, boundaries should always stay a dynamical issue, that varies and changes accordingly.

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  1. This is a solid job given you haven't gotten a chance to do the kind of field study to contextualize the question. Good work.