Thursday, September 29, 2011

Winter Park Research Topic

For my research paper, I would like to address the topic of Winter Park's historical sites. Specifically the history and present information on such sites as the Rollins College itself, the different historical hotels and buildings within Winter Park. I'd also like to address how and why they were built, including by whom and how and if they were restored and renovated to keep part of the old Winter Park of the 19th century alive in present day. Some examples of the historical sites I want to research are the Casa Feliz Historic House, Hannibal Square and the All Saints Episcopal Church. There are more buildings that I will research, but this is just a staring point.

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  1. This is a great topic, but you need to narrow your approach to write a good paper. I would suggest looking at one specific building and its history. Casa Feliz was built too late for your paper period. However, there are other homes and building constructed in the 1890s (or to broaden your window 1885-1905) that you could investigate for this paper.