Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jack the Ripper's Society

In the society that bred Jack the Ripper, urbanized cities like London were often overcrowded, and this led to many societal problems such as prostitution, which is one of the largest issues in the story. Since most people were poor in the time period, women often resorted to prostitution to supplement income to the family. It was a new ideology, and it radically changed the view of women of the time. One of the biggest social issues was women trying to change their views and gain a little more power, causing the main conflict of the story. The woman Annie took power in the beginning by having a royal child, which caused a lot of problems on its own. The main act of feminine power, however, came when four prostitutes decided to blackmail the queen, a dangerous act for anyone, especially women. Something like this was incredibly brass, and was unheard of. It showed the dangerous side of women trying to get more power as well, and ultimately led to a masculine sign of aggression, killing the group. The common people were desperate, as this shows. they were often mixed up in crime, and many were doing illegal acts. Besides women selling themselves in prostitution, the men were eager to act as customers. Since William was able to lure some of the women to him, it showed that even the upper class engaged in prostitution.

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