Thursday, November 3, 2011

Chicago, the American City

There is an argument that Chicago is the American city which reflects the transformation of the United States at the end of the 19th century which is true for many reasons. Chicago in the latter part of the 19th century became the home to a myriad amount of new technologies and industries as well as thousands of immigrants who all brought with them pieces of their cultures and created a new culture in Chicago.

Another event that makes Chicago the American city of transformation is the famous World's Fair which brought thousands of people to Chicago to learn about all the new technology and different culture from countries and people all over the world along with art and entertainment in all forms. People who lived and traveled to Chicago were able to see first hand all the new technology and the skyscrapers which were first built in Chicago and this excited and fascinated people that these types of transformations were occurring in one place. Chicago at that time won the chance to host the World's Fair over New York which was the center of everything, this made the people of Chicago proud as well as brought interest from people all over the world to see what amazing sites Chicago had to offer. Chicago was the place to go in the late 19th century and many young women did so to try and start their own independent lives along with immigrants looking to find jobs and start new lives. American culture surely was shaped by the events and people living in Chicago at the time.

Socially, the immigrants and influx of people living and working made Chicago a modern type place as well as culturally diverse Economically, Chicago was doing quite well with all of the different businesses and industries that were set up in the late 1800s. Politically, Chicago had won the bid for the World's Fair which made Chicago as a city an important city to be apart of and the people were very proud of their city. All in all, Chicago like other cities in America was transforming in amazing ways, but there are certain aspects that make Chicago stick out from all the others and the fact that Chicago held the World's Fair definitely constitutes it as a great America city.

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