Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Chicago World Fair and the Transformation of the Gilded Age

One of the most important aspects that reflected the gilded age through Chicago’s world fair was the development of transportation. This reflection happened in many ways. One way is that the fair had a certain exposition building for transportation. Making room for the transportation in the exhibits of the fair reflected the importance of it. Transportation is also considered one of the reasons why The United States made it to get to the high place it reached to.

Another way of the reflection is that the fair had more than twenty seven million visitors from all over the planet during the time it was running. This made it one of the biggest fairs that have been in that time period. This raises the question of how did they came to the fair. Most of the people who attended used the modern transportation methods to get to the fair. People who lived in Chicago used street and horse cars. Others who lived in other cities and states came to Chicago by trains. For the foreigners who came to the fair, the ones that came from the east side of the world used steamships to get to the states. They also used trains to get to Chicago.

The gilded age was filled by new inventions that made difference in the world. New transportation methods are considered one of the most important as it made people travel more easily and helped them in shipping goods to any place on earth. It also helped people in saving time and money because the new methods were faster and more efficient. It is easy to say that without the new transportation ways that were invented and offered in the gilded age, more than half of the people who attended could not even get the chance to attend the fair, or join the urban life.

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