Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Home and Winter Park

Consumption plays a major role in peoples’ lives today, ever since it first emerged during the Gilded Age. Consumption comes in many forms and people partake in various different ways. When I think of consumption what first comes to mind is people spending their money or money that they don’t have in order to make purchases that show off who they are as a person or who they want to appear as to the general public. One of the major ways in which people consume is when they buy houses for their families or themselves.

Specifically looking at the town of winter park, consumption in the form of housing is very prevalent. When I first came here I got the impression that the town as a whole was very well off based on the houses that are built in this town and all the houses that are under construction. Many of the houses are very big and to me the first thing that comes to mind is that the family must come from money or has made a very good living for themselves and their family. When I look at the housing structures in the town, the way that the houses are presented suggests the way that people live and how they want people to perceive them. For one, the neighborhoods are very well put together and are very clean and well kept which suggests that the people care about their surrounding. Like we learned about the Gilded Age, growing up in an area that is dirty and not managed leads to people growing to be like their environment, for example leading a life of crime and corruption. By keeping the surroundings clean and “healthy” the people in Winter Park will most likely lead different lives, and the children in the area will grow up to be educated and civilized. Housing gives a lot away about a person and the town that they live in and looking at winter park, the housing suggested a civilized community that has a positive looking future.

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