Thursday, November 17, 2011

Houses- Consumptive structure in Winter Park

During the 1890s, it was the period that economy grew, and total wealth in the society expanded. Many famous corporations built in that era. Although the entire society became more and more wealthy, it was obvious that not everybody could benefit from that. In fact, most of people could not enjoy the better lives by the industrial revolution.

1890s was the industrial period. Millions of people moved from rural areas to the urban cities. It was true that people could contact many advanced technologies than where they lived before, but what they were looking for was not in the urban cities. They wished to get better lives after they came to cities, since the ample opportunities in urban areas. It was true that some people found their American dream in the cities, and got anything they wanted. Meanwhile, most of people just walked into factories, and became part of machines. People lived in tenement, and always worked more than 12 hours per day. This kind of lifestyle was not what most people wished to have, but they had no choice now. They could not go back to their hometown any more, because they could not leave electricity, sewer system, and those urban systems. They were also unable to build that in the rural areas by themselves.

However, some people could do that. When most of people worked hard in factories, a small group of people enjoyed their contribution to the society. They were the bosses of the large firms, factories, and corporations. When major population moved to cities, they started to live in rural areas, and found the peace of the life.

Winter Park was the town building for that reason. When rich people earned enough money from the cities, they cared more about their healthy than the amount of wealth. They found a peaceful area and built their houses here. Unlike urban areas, they had lots of land and sources to build their houses. Rich did care about whether the sources and land used reasonable or not, the only thing they cared was the quality of the houses. As a result, they made a huge consumptive part in Winter Park. They would care more about the architectonic beauty and their flowers in the gardens. From the perspective of developing a town, it was not a good way to build the town. An efficient town should create more chances for people to live instead of providing few people comfortable big houses. In that point, houses are a consumptive structure in Winter Park. 

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