Saturday, February 9, 2008

3rd Blog

Mengdi and I are partners for the firefighting research. I think that we are going to focus either on famous fires in Winter Park or the relationship of the WPFD and Rollins. We went to do research on anything related to the history of Winter Park or the WPFD. We looked in JSTOR and some other data bases, but we were having a hard time finding information. Hopefully, the sources at the WPFD will have a lot there for us to use. I thought that the fire chief was interesting to listen to. I didn't know how close the relationship was between Rollins and the WPFD. He seemed to suggest that has Florida, in comparison to other states, has better firefighting departments because of training requirements and certification. I'm not sure if firefighting has improved since these requirements were put in place, but he mentioned that only 60 years ago, firefighters were volunteers in Winter Park. Are they not considered as qualified to him?

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