Thursday, February 21, 2008


After researching some information on our topic- Women in the Fire Department- my partner and I have decided to look into another topic. We were considering possibly some of the famous fire chiefs or famous fires. We feel as if one of these topics would provide a greater amount of information for our web page. We are going to try to make it back to the fire department to search through their archives in the next few days. Also, after Mrs. Bryant mentioned how the Olin library's archive sources are a great place to start, my partner and I will look there this weekend. It was great to hear Mrs. Bryant speak about her experience with the firemen. She made me want to do the same thing as she did. I enjoyed hearing about her first hand stories, both serious and funny. I also liked our secondary reading assignment in the book, Orlando Firefighting, better than the first two. I think the pictures told about the history and tradition of the fire department in an interesting manner. It helps to visually see what the fire department and the brotherhood are all about.

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