Friday, February 8, 2008

fire chief

My group has been debating about what to do our project on, one of the ideas we had was a famous fire, that the Winter Park Fire Department has fought. The fire chief told us about a fire at Rollins around the turn of the century and gave us some insight about that. I found that very helpful. He was a very nice gentleman, and taught me somethings that I never knew about the fire department, and the history of firefighting in Winter Park. I also never knew why the fire departments used dalmatians. I also never knew that the firefighters helmets were leather. Having the fire chief come, helped me get more excited about the project, and also helped me realize how involved in the fire department is in Winter Park, and in the surrounding communities. I was surprised to learn that the fire department doesn't really know any boundaries and they will go and help wherever help is needed. I enjoyed the fire chief coming to talk in class today very much.

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