Thursday, February 21, 2008


We have started the research for our project, but I think that we are still having a bit of trouble finding concrete information. There is some data in the Rollins Archives that looks promising. It is a bit strange not being able to find information on the internet. I am so used to doing research there, being an International Business major. Most of the financial data, recent industry information, etc. is all online. As a senior I made my first trip to the Rollins Archives... Anyway, We are just going to have to keep looking! I'm sure there is some good information in there somewhere. The stories that Ms. Bryant told the class about corruption, and the fire chief or firefighters burning down their own stores was interesting, so we are looking into that. She also had another good story, however, I can't quite remember what that one was... I should have written it down. Hopefully we will come across something good soon. We are planning to do quite a bit more research this weekend and begin writing the rough draft. Thats all for now.

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