Friday, April 25, 2008

how many blog entries do we need?

okay...I admit I've been slacking on blog entries, but hey, I can blog three times in a row just like this~!lol (never mind...)
I'm just wondering how many blog entries do we need to have for the semester. I counted mine to be 11, well, plus this one, 12. hopefully I'm not far from done.

today we talked about the middle east (yeah?). I somethimes wonder when Israel declared themseleves independent state, how the surrounding countries and the other people who used to live there felt about it. I support democracy too, and the Jewish people really deserve a country. Just hope peace will come to that region soon. If history makes the judgement of whether a group of people should belong to about the Tibet issue that's going on these days? I really shouldn't bring politics to this place..but well, I was only being sentimental.

One of my close friends was from Kuwait, and they became refugees during the gulf war. She showed me a picture of she and her family sitting on their luggages at a refugee camp in the desert. It makes me wonder about wars in contemporary times.

all right, way over than 5 sentences again. I'm even suprised by myself that I can talk so much when I'm writing 3 entries in a roll. I guess it's a compensation not talking much in class

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