Friday, April 25, 2008

one more blog

thinking about it, the reason why I tend to put off the blogging assignment, is that I often speak toooooo much (even though most are worthless babbling)
looking at others people who end their blogging with 4-5 sentences, I really need to study from them.

anyways, the biography paper is finally done. I was lucky that my subject was realy nice and enthusiastice about being a firefighter, and very willing to share his experiences with me.

Although I had everything recorded, interviewing someone is really not as easy as I thought it would be. Cleaning up the recording to write a paper was even harder. My subject talked about a lot of things, and after 6 hours of writing, my attention span was finally completely annihilated by 7:30 am. We really talked about so many things, trying to put everything in the biography was impossible......
I don't know if anyone had the same problem, but although my person talked a lot about his career, I still end up lacking specific examples and stories of personal experiences. I would like my biography to have more personal stories, rather than just talking about his profession in general. But whenever I ask his to tell me some specific experiences he had, we get stuck on the interview.....

and this blog is now way passed 5 sentences. End now.

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