Friday, April 25, 2008


even though it has been a week since my interview, I'm gonna talk about it to make up for the number of blogs I missed ~:P
It was a great experience, talking to a firefighter face to face. I was anxious at first, but the gentlemen treated us really friendly. He talked a lot about his career, helping me as best as he could.
I was really impressed of his firefighting souvenir collection. he has an entire wall of signs and plates about firefighting, and a corner of his living room filled with fire truck models, souvenir mugs, plaques for acheivements, firefighter hats, firefighter action figures...which can be summerized as "a huge collection of cool stuff". I see he really enjoyed being a firefighter.

and he was much richer than I thought TAT... OTL

well, considering he is such an energetic person, and after retired from the firefighting profession, he now still has three other jobs.

The interview was really interesting -- that's why I had 7 pages of biography...

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