Sunday, September 28, 2008

First Day at Winter Park Historical Association

On tuesday, I spent my first day at the Winter Park Historical Association Museum. I was interested in spending time there in that it broadens my perspectives of what kind of jobs there are available stemming from a history major. Mrs. Popkins has an interesting job that allows her to research what she finds important and interesting. She also spoke a lot of their archives, and I am very interested in visiting the house where they are held. She was telling me about the house and how it was commissioned to be built by a very wealthy family, and then was lived in, sold, and plans were made for another house to be built in its place. It was about to be demolished, but the community of Winter Park came together and raised money to buy and move the house. Also, she shared with me some ghost stories related to the house, and as that was my original topic I was interested in hearing the stories but also very glad that I didn't have to research them any further in that this would be very hard. For my topic on Womens Roles World War II I have been given advice that the book The Greatest Generation is a very interesting collection of short stories, some of which deal with the impact made by women. I am planning on beginning that book this week and narrowing my focus to specific roles which women had, which will also aid me in continuing my resarch.

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