Sunday, September 28, 2008

Historical Museum

On Wednesday I went to the Winter Park Historical Museum to start my internship. I am doing some research for Ms. Popkins for the sidewalk history festival. I will be researching the 1970s. I would have liked to have chosen the 1960s, but that was already taken. I look forward to researching the 1970s because this was a very interesting time period, not only in America, but in the World. As far as my personal research project on movie house, I have been having a hard time finding more information, I was unable to gain anymore knowledge about my subject. Ms Popkins said that she will help me, so I look forward to seeing what she has found. When I went to the museum on Wednesday, I helped Ms. Popkins clean up after the veterans who visited earlier that day. I also helped her fix her new museum brochures.

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