Sunday, September 28, 2008

Live in Winter Park in 1955-56

This week I continued my research in the archives and started looking into some of the Winter Park brochures from the 1950’s. My goal in this week’s research was to start finding out more information about the homes being sold and what the general atmosphere in terms of living was like in Winter Park during this era. I looked at two different brochures. The first one was from year of 1955-1956. From reading about the section on residential life it stated that Winter Park was carefully planned by early builders to be a great city to live in. Builders took advantage of the natural beauty that surrounds Winter Park. In order to attract tourists and new winter park residents they put great emphasis on the gardens, rock pools, and beautiful lawns that surround houses in the area. There were also many pictures of the beautiful large estates that surround the three lakes in the Winter Park area. This brochure referred to Winter Park as the “city of homes” where the climate, location, and natural attractiveness made it such a beautiful place to live. Although in this brochure they stressed the large estates and the beauty of Winter Park they also expressed the amount of smaller estates they have to offer and how no matter what the size that every home in Winter Park is the “art of living”.

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