Sunday, September 14, 2008

Further Research on the Langford Hotel

My research on the Langford Hotel this past week produced some intriguing facts about both the history of the Langford family and the hotel. I looked more into the establishment of the hotel, in 1956, and how the structure changed over the years. I came upon an article that was published by in The Sentinel Star in February of 1977 that overviewed renovations being made to the hotel. The renovations included an expanded and refurbished lobby, which included a new “organic” look and many newly installed skylights to bring in the Florida sun. I also discovered an article in The Sun Herald from 1971, which explains the addition of seventy new rooms. Further research included the discovery of a Langford Hotel timeline, a 1962 Florida magazine interview with Robert Langford, various hotel brochures, and additional newspaper articles. This week, I plan on continuing my research at the Olin Library Archives, and I also expect to visit the Winter Park Library for more information about the Langford Hotel. I’ve been told that the Winter Park Library will serve as a great source of information for the Langford Hotel and I’m looking forward to uncovering more information about the hotel.

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