Sunday, September 21, 2008

Further Research - Winter Park Land CO

Furthering my research this week I had some troubles finding what I was looking for. I was hoping to find detailed information pertaining to housing developments in the 1950’s but found some challenges. Although I did not find what I was hoping for I did find some useful information about population change in that era. The population change from 1950 to 1960 was 8,250 to 17,162 and grew even more into the 70’s with a growth to 21,895. Neighborhoods and other residential developments during this time in Winter Park were divided into 22 study areas and started off with 663 single family homes. Reasons for such change in population are due to the amount of developed vacant land available, persons per household, city expansion, and the degree to which resident densities can be increased. I also believe that such growth is due to the popular status that Winter Park gained influenced by its beauty and continuous growth as a city as well as its popular tourism. In this past week while researching I also came across a newspaper article about the 50th celebration of the Winter Park land Co. in 1954. After reading this article it stated that the reputation of the Winter Park Land CO. was one of the most highly respected. In this era it was known for one of the most successful and influential businesses in Winter Park. Next week while furthering my research I plan to hit the archives and look into the real estate of the 50’s and find more information pertaining to housing.

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