Sunday, September 21, 2008

Third Post- Women's Tennis, 1940's

I was planning on researching specific tennis players such as Shirley Fry and Connie Clifton however there was a scarcity in information pertaining to them. They were two of the most gifted players during this time period at Rollins, and had a great impact on the team. While searching through the archives, I did happen to find an article about Connie Clifton in the local newspaper in February of 1946. It stated that Clifton grew up very poor and worked extremely hard to make it to Rollins for tennis. Rollins was especially supportive to her, giving her extra money for food and whatnot, allowing her to have an overall great experience. I would like to specifically find more information on some of her struggles throughout her tennis career at school. For example, the hardships of being a woman athlete at this time and other concerning issues which I have not yet uncovered. I am still surprised at Rollins' continued successful women's team despite society in the 1940's. As of now, it seems that the team was not fazed at all by the typical image of women athletes. There is still much more to be found, my hypothesis could be completely wrong, which is why I need to spend more time researching further.

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