Sunday, September 7, 2008

How Park Avenue contributed to the growth of Winter Park

I plan to do my research project on how the development of Park Avenue has contributed to the development of Winter Park as a city. Winter Park was originally founded as a town, but as Park Avenue expanded and developed, so did the town. Eventually becoming a city, Winter Park can thank Park Avenue for its bringing of tourism and income to the area. I plan to research and compare the developments of Park Avenue to those of Winter Park and see where they intersect and the effect they had on one another. Once a single dirt road traveled upon by horse-drawn carriages, Park Avenue has developed a lot over the years. With the addition of new stores and brick roads, Park Avenue has often been referred to as “Little Europe”. Now the main road of the city, Park Avenue has come so far and is covered with nothing but the finest stores, cafes, restaurants, as well as stores that are unique to Winter Park. When the town of Winter Park was only inhabited by about 600 people, Park Avenue was nothing. As more and more people arrived to Winter Park, they saw its potential and many stayed there to create new lives in a beautiful area. Park Avenue was one of the first streets to become really transformed and modern, and is today the main attraction of the city of Winter Park, still bringing tourism down to this day.

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