Sunday, September 7, 2008

Movie Houses

Central Florida has a rich history in movies, and I intend on doing my research project on the famous movie houses in the surrounding Winter Park area. One of my potential options is the Garden Theatre located in Winter Garden. It seems like this theatre has a very expansive history. I am still not sure if there is enough information to write a full paper on just this one theatre, so I am still looking at other historic theatres. Once I do finalize my research, I will write about everything there is to know about the theatres. For example, I will try to figure out what famous movies that were played in that respective theatre. Also the architectural specs and why they decided to design it in that way. I think that most of the theatres have also had renovations, so I will research when they made the renovations and what they did to the theatre. Another thing I will research is who was involved in making all these decisions and funding all the projects. I am looking forward to doing more research on this. I think this will be a very fun project considering how much I like and appreciate everything about movies.

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