Sunday, September 7, 2008

Winter Park Land CO.

This semester I plan on researching the history of the Winter Park Land CO. putting special emphasis on the process of establishing housing developments in the Winter Park area. In doing this research I hope to find specific trends to focus my research on, such as specific time periods where they may have had greater success or major conflicts that vastly affected the Winter Park Land CO. Although my research has just begun and I have not obtained too much information I have learned about the basic history of the Winter Park Land CO. It was founded in 1904 by a man named Charles H. Morse. In 1904 Charles H. Morse purchased all of the Francis B. Knowles estate therefore becoming the owner of almost half of the Winter Park area. From this purchase, Morse also bought the Winter Park Company which he soon changed the name to the Winter Park Land CO. After this major purchase Morse set out to improve Winter Park by cleaning up his new properties, laying side walks, and paving roads. The slogan that the Winter Park Land CO. has run off of since the early nineteen hundreds is that it "operates with handshake integrity". This company is still up and running today and has served the community by selling homes, commercial properties, and income properties. I look forward to learning more about this company and its history as well as furthering my research surrounding this topic.

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