Sunday, September 7, 2008

The tradition of non Floridian students at Rollins College

After skimming some Winter Park travel brochures from 1888 and 1910, I had initially decided to write my research paper on the history of winter vacationers, sometimes referred to as “snowbirds,” who traveled to this central Floridian town. The topic seemed interesting enough and I thought I could attain some fascinating details about the many reasons Winter Park attracted both rich and poor members of society to seek refuge from the harsh northern winter. However this weekend I was walking down Holt Ave and noticed a row of parked cars on the side of the road. For some reason I examined each license plate as I walked by. After passing about 10 cars I realized that only one of them had Florida plates. Immediately I remembered orientation and recalled that many students at Rollins are from out of state. Compared to the many other Florida schools I visited during my college search, Rollins had by far the largest percentage of out of state students. After thinking about how this came about, I remembered the history paper. As a result I decided that I should look back over time to see how Rollins College became a popular school for out of state, and particularly northern students to attend. I have yet to begin research on this new topic but I have a strong feeling that I will find quite a bit of information about the history of Non-Floridian Students at Rollins.

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