Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Topic

Winter Park Florida is a beautiful and well designed town, it is important to find out the pre-history of the town. My topic is the pre-history of winter park and how did the town change into what is today.

Loring Chase and Oliver Chapman are the official founders of Winter Park, but they were not the first settlers of the town. The two towns before Winter Park were Lakeview then the name changed to Osceola twelve years later. By learning the history of these two towns it will show how much Chase and Chapman contributed to the town.

It is important to understand the inspiration of the city plan, and which people came together and made the decision to plan out Winter Park. The town is amazingly designed with the park and the unique architecture. The architecture is the reason the town sticks out in a positive way. Rollins College also plays an important role in the development of the town. It is interesting to find out what life was like before Winter Park built up and who is responsible for making Winter Park what it is today. Therefore, by researching the towns that laid before Winter Park it will be interesting to see how much progress the town has made.

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