Sunday, September 21, 2008

Research for my paper

I just posted on what my topic for the historical Winter Park paper is, now i will talk about how my research for the paper is going. On our visits to the library, I collected a lot of solid sources concerning real-estate in historical Winter Park. I collected and copied several articles about how homes in Winter Park kept getting bigger, more luxurious, and more expensive. This has been a successful factor which has made Winter Park such a wealthy area. With more wealth coming in through homes and homeowners, businesses began to grow and a local economy rise soon followed. I hope to find some good sources at the Winter Park historical center. I havn't been there yet but i have an appointment scheduled for tuesday. In addition to those sources, i also have many articles from the library about how the local economy of Winter Park began to boom as a direct result of real estate and wealthy people coming to Winter Park. So far my research is going well and i think it will continue to improve in the next few days.

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