Sunday, September 21, 2008

Historical Winter Park paper

For my historical Winter Park paper, my topic is the influence that real estate has had on Winter Park and many parts of florida. In my paper i will outline how real-estate used to operate in winter park and how it has changed since then. I will discuss what real estate is like now and the significance that it still has on Florida and Winter Park. I will talk about how real estate is effective because it brings in wealth and population to an area. Real estate in Winter Park has been successful partly because it is such a nice area. People are more inclined to move to or visit and area that has a desirable climate and destination appeal. Many people vacation in Winter Park and many people move here. This has been the trend since the founding of Winter Park and for this reason i will argue that it is one of the most influential factors in shaping a successful city. I will concentrate on the time period of about 30 years, most likely from around 1900 to 1930 to examine how real estate changed at the turn of the century.

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