Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thoughts on the Test

Just a reflection on the test we took last monday. It was my first test in college, so i was really nervous going into it. I didn't really know what to expect. I spent the two nights prior to the test burying me head in  the textbooks at the library. My biggest concern was weather or not the test would focus on small details, or concentrate on the broader picture. In my past history classes, it was all about the big picture, and making sure you understand the timeline and series of events. Then, once you had the broader picture, you then tried to understand details and the influence that both the events and the details had on a cultures history. I was surprised to see that the test was so specific. I thought it would contain a much larger base of questions and topics. One thing i did like about the test was that it was not intimidating to look at. By that i mean it was only one page and was pretty open for you to explain the events and just show you understand the material. Compared to other history tests i've had, i prefer Professor Chambliss's exam because it does not involve as much harsh memorization as past tests. Hopefully this kind of test will work to our benefit and not make having an exam such a stressful time for everyone. I think that if you keep up with the reading, and pay attention in class then the tests should pretty much handle themselves because if you understand the time and the concepts then you can respond to an essay question fairly confidently.

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