Sunday, October 12, 2008

Baseball/research and midterms

Today as I was watching TV I came across a movie called "The League of their own," which is about an all womens baseball league during WWII. This was ironic for me in that womens roles in the war is my topic for history, and also that the Phillies were playing later that night (nothing to do with history, probably not that ironic). I thought it was very interesting that women created their own baseball leagues which travelled around the country, and became their own phenomenon. I plan on further researching to see if this had any effect on the Winter Park area. I think that this would be an interesting aspect to discuss in my paper. As of now the only accounts which I have of womens roles in the Winter Park area are of women furthering their domestic roles to help the war. From research and previous knowledge I know that females took over predominantly male jobs in order to help the war effort, I think that it would add a lot to my paper if I could add this aspect to what I've found in Winter Park. Also, our history midterm is coming up, and I am getting nervous and planning how I will prepare, not very excited for that.

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