Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bibliography and Research

My research for the project is coming along pretty well, I found a lot of interesting information while spending my hours with Mrs. Popkins. The book which helped me, Chronological History of Winter Park, is actually a very boring book! The author took the time to record everything that went on in Winter Park each year, including marriages, new children, new businesses opened, businesses closed, deaths, jobs taken, new buildings, and every other detail one could imagine. This was very helpful for me though, as it has pretty much everything that went on in Winter Park during the war, and has a lot of information about the war effort and womens roles in this effort. I also found a lot about job recruitment in the archives; many different organizations that could use the help of women with the war contacted Rollins in order to recruit young women who were looking to help.

As it was Parents Weekend, I had planned to bring my parents to the museum to show them where I spend my afternoons every Tuesday. Unfortunately, we ran out of time and did not end up being able to go. I regret not bringing them because my Dad loves history, and I think that he really would have enjoyed seeing the displays and talking to Mrs. Popkins about the history of the area. My parents have been talking about coming to visit another weekend, and I'm hoping that they decide to do so; I will definitley make sure to fit the museum into their schedule!

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