Sunday, October 5, 2008

last two months

This last month and a half of school has gone by so fast. I have tried to adjust to the new climate, the new golf coach, and the new teachers. What has hit me the most has been the work load. I dont know if its just me, but the work load is a killer in my opinion. The work at the historical museum isnt all that bad. What stinks is the fact that it is apart of the class and we receive no pay, but I guess it isnt all that bad because we are doing some good for the community. Managing my time has been the hardest thing to do. Being a golfer, I am always running around trying to find a rind or a person to play with. I think that now after this first month, I should be ok and just try to acclamate to the new style of school. The material that we are learning in this class I actually find to be interesting. It isn't all that bad now since we are into world war 1 and will be moving on to the depression and then eventually the 1960s. What I think is the coolest thing about school is the fact that you could show up to class with nothing. I could just show up to show up. Also, the dress code isnt all that bad...there is no dress code. This weekend, I got to see my parents and that was pretty cool. It was perfect because it was getting to that point where I was missing them but it was almost to the point to where by the end of the weekend, I just wanted them to leave. Well, now that we know what college life is like, I think you just gotta put your mind to what you are going to want to do and then just manage your time to get to your ultimate goal.

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