Monday, October 27, 2008

Busy Week

My flight home last night was delayed and I didn’t get in until after twelve… but I wrote this on the plane I hope it’s not too late…

Last week and this week are both jam-packed with things to do. Last week was our second test, and this week is going to be busy as well finishing my rough-draft. Once this next week is over and November has begun hopefully things will calm down a little until finals. We should be getting our tests back soon; they are always difficult to prepare for in that there is so much information to go over. My dad is always especially curious about my grades in history, as you know by now he is a history buff. My rough draft has been difficult to get started, and it is a lot harder and more time consuming than I had expected, but I will certainly get it done! That is one major thing that will make me feel a lot better once I finish it, as it has been hanging over my head for a while! As you know, I am transferring next semester. One school which I am thinking about attending is primarily a teaching school, and I am thinking about becoming a high school history teacher. Not exactly related to class, but something that I have been thinking about.

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