Monday, October 27, 2008

Thoughts on the second test

The test we took in class last week was mostly what i expected. It was very similar to the last test only covering more topics. I studied a lot for this test, as i didn't perform as well as i wish i had on the first one. I think that i did better on the second one partly because i knew what to expect, and partly because i put more time in studying. In fact, I studied all night.. I think that staying up all night may have been a stupid thing to do because i have never been particularly good at all nighters. During the test i was in sort of a history-trance if that makes any sense and my mind was so bogged down with information that i began to become forgetfull. I thought it was interesting how the test covered five chapters of material however, the essay question focused mostly on the progressive era. Unfortunatley for me, the progressive era is one that i've always struggled with, however i do feel much more confident about my understanding of the period now. Regardless of what happens on the test, Im glad that my broader picture of history is expanding because that is the reason i took a history class to begin with, because i enjoy history and find it very interesting. Overall thoughts, was that the test was a positive for me

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