Friday, October 17, 2008


I have noticed a difference in the types of stories told in each decade, now the only issue is finding a connection to either what was going on in the Rollins community, or the overall nation or pop culture or all three. I borrowed a few books on different decades from the library and am marking them up (with post-its). I'll probably start paraphrasing the stories to be inserted when needed this weekend because that is the bulk of my typing, whereas the connections to society and transitions are going to be much harder to find, and explain, and phrase.
I have approximately one article per decade, meaning it would be easy to space it out chronologically, and also it would probably make the most sense. In order for the paper to work I only need one of the stories to connect to what is going on in society and since each article has two to four that is also on my side. I like that my project is half fiction story and half research. It should be really fascinating to read. I only hope that my facts and support are as good as my ghost narratives.

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