Sunday, October 19, 2008

Letters to Holt

Continuing research on my topic of the 1947 Rollins Homecoming Football Game, I found a great deal of information this past Friday. Apparently, Hamilton Holt received quite a bit of backlash regarding his decision to cancel the game. One alumni took great offense to Holt's proclamation as he wrote: "If Prejudice is the child of ignorance, and if such ignorance can dictate the policy of an institution of learning, what, then is the function of education? Is education to be turned into a mere commercial venture, devoid of ideals and subject to the whims of a bigot?" this alumni went on to say that Holt's apology published in the Orlando Sentinel was inadequate, and proceeded to sign the letter "Shamefully, An Alumnus." Although the majority of letters I discovered were negative responses to Holt's cancellation of the game, a few did not.

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