Sunday, October 19, 2008

Langford's Problem in Daytona and the Zoo

I was able to conduct quite a bit more of research while at the Olin Library Archives. I discovered that Langford was involved in a heated battle with the state commission authorities in the early 70s. Langford, much to the dismay of many Florida residents and authorities, had begun construction of a seawall in Daytona Beach. The whole situation is bizarre and, more importantly, ironic because Langford himself tended to be a staunch pro-environment person, as evidenced by the animal sanctuary at the Langford Hotel. This led me to research more into the bird sanctuary, which was supposedly located next to the pool. The sanctuary had three small alligators, monkeys, owls, peacocks, and several rare species of birds. I even found out that a small break had escaped from the zoo and onto the streets of Winter Park. My information and research is all beginning to come together.

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