Sunday, October 5, 2008

fifth post- women's tennis in the 1940's

Among the many articles I have found in the archives, one that stands out to be especially relevant to my topic is from the Public Relations Office at Rollins, in 1949. Due to its discussion of how the women's tennis team became so successful at Rollins, it certainly provides a good perspective for my paper. For instance, it says that Pauline Betz and Dodo Bundy were the initial players to be outstanding however there were many other talented girls to come. Shirley Frey, Nancy Morrison and Jean Clark were some of the stars of the late forties. It will be interesting to compare the two sets of players, seeing if there is any significant difference in any aspect of school or the team. During both times, the team had been very successful, therefore I doubt that there were any grave changes that occurred but it would still be worth looking into. As far as school work, financial issues or the controversy of women's athletic teams at the time, I am confident that there will be many things to analyze.

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