Sunday, October 19, 2008


This week i continued working with the same author Julian Granberry. He has done a significant amount of research on the topic of the pre-settlement of Central Florida. He is fascinated with the language of the Native Americans and explains how they communicated with each other. He states, "But you had people from different tribes, they had to take a word from my language and your language and the owners language, the masters language,what ever, put them all together. And out of this comes a --what's called a creolized or a traders language." ( Pg 19, Granberry speech). He has done in depth research in communication the Native Americans had to experience because many languages were unfamiliar to different tribes.
Also in the archive section i found another source that will help my research paper. There is an area that is called Osceola, it is named after the famous seminole chief who is believed to have had his camp here, overlooking the lake which bears his name.

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