Sunday, October 19, 2008

Misrepresenting the actsF

Despite the fact that I had resolved to do this early this week, I still forgot about it until the last minute. This week, as you all know, we went to the archives to research the paper. I had already gone through all the documents that they have related to Bucklin Moon, so this time I was able to delve deeper into what the documents really were. One thing that I discovered was that there were many problems with donating the papers in 2002, including the papers being misplaced in the library for a short amount of time. This is not really relevant to the paper, but it was an interesting fact that I thought I would share.

More relevant to my paper, I found many things, letters, memoirs, etc., that regarded Moon's love life. He was married three times and had three children, which made for many schisms. His memoirs actually detailed his romance with his third wife before they got married. This problem also carried on after his death. A few years ago, a Rollins professor held a lecture on Moon's life. In his research for the lecture, he only interviewed Moon's last wife, so many of the facts of his early years were incorrect. Also, he never mentioned the first wife and only mentioned two of his children, even incorrectly stating one of the names. Moon's Daughter was, needless to say, perturbed by this and wrote a letter to the President of the school. I'm pretty sure that this will end up in my paper.

Well, that's all for this week. Good luck to everyone on tomorrow's exam.

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