Sunday, October 19, 2008

Studying for test...

Taking a little break from studying to blog, unfortunately I don't have much to write besides that I am studying for the test which I have been focusing on preparing for, for longer than I would like to admit! Right now I am working on defining the key terms in the last couple of pages for each chapter and also going over the focus questions and re-reading the articles which we were assigned to read. Hopefully this preparation will pay off. My dad called today while I was studying, and as he loves history was curious about what we were going over. When I told him, he wanted me to ask him some questions to see if he knew the answers; he always knows the answers. I think that maybe he just likes showing off that he is so much smarter than I am! Next week I plan to do some research at the Womens Club of Winter Park. I know that they have a collection of archives and hopefully will have some information that I can use in my project. A short post this week so I can finish up studying and get to bed!

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