Sunday, October 19, 2008

Continued Research

While some of you are saying that you are having a hard time finding information on your topics, I am struggling with so much stuff to go through, it’s overwhelming. My topic, tourism, is pretty broad and it has taken me awhile to figure out what angle I want to take with it. Most of the documents that I have found in the archives have been brochures, which are helpful, but after reading ten of them all relating to the same decade, they get a bit repetitive. Newspaper ads and articles I have found to be helpful, in the since that it keeps me from getting caught up in information from a certain hotel or decade. I ended up making a time line to help organize the information, and I found it interesting to see how the economy reacted to events occurring not only outside of Winter Park, but also outside the state of Florida. Winter Park residents may not of had yellow fever, but the epidemic kept tourists away. Events occurring in the north that had no relation to Winter Park were still injuring the local economy, northerners were the ones that filled the hotels, and without them business would dwindle.

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