Sunday, October 12, 2008


During this week I was able to research more about the pre-history of Winter Park through my source at the Winter Park Museum. Julian Granberry has a documented speech about his studies of the Indians that lived in this area before it became the town of Winter Park.
It was discovered that Indians were eating animals such as: raccoons, possum’s squirrels, and skunks. The tools that they used to hunt these animals were small sharp spears and the bowls to cook the food were made out of stone.
The most technological advanced Indians would carve bowls and other artifacts and trade it throughout the southeast. One invention they traded was a little clay ball with carvings of random symbols. Finding these artifacts was fascinating for archeologist because they believe it could have been used as a counting mechanism. The exact use of this tool has not been established, but many still research the possibilities of this tool.The research of the Indians is a unique topic because there way of life revolved around surviving in the wild.

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