Sunday, October 12, 2008

sixth post- women's tennis in the 1940's

After reading a plethora of articles, it is apparent that Pauline Betz is the most influential and famous tennis player during the forties. She has won the most national tournaments (5 grand slam singles) and certainly had a reputation for her intensity. She was born August 6, 1919 in Dayton, Ohio and had played tennis since her childhood. Going to Rollins was a big turning point in her career. It provided the res.ources she needed in order to succeed. Her professional tennis career was long lived and very prosperous. After playing for Rollins, she went on to win the singles at Wimbildon in 1946. Eventually in 1965, she was even excepted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame. As much as Rollins College helped Betz succeed, it is also true that her presence on the team provided Rollins with a great impression of women's tennis at the school. With the many other future stars that came after Pauline, it is my belief that she is one of the most prevalent players throughout history.

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