Sunday, October 5, 2008

Winter Park Brochure

Continuing my research on the real estate aspect of Winter Park and trying to find some relation to the Winter Park Land CO. has been pretty difficult. I have been searching around in the archives and have found a lot of useful information but now I am looking to find book with more information surrounding Winter Park so I can find more substantial information rather then just articles or brochures for my research. Although I am now trying to expand my resources outside the archives this week I did find a really interesting brochure on Winter Park. It is interesting to me to see how they portray the residential living through their brochures to their tourists. Winter Park is described as a Florida Utopia and a place where there is southern climate with a northern atmosphere. It really emphasizes the Spanish and Mediterranean style houses. From reading through this brochure from the 50’s it seems that Winter Park really grew into a beautiful place not only to visit but to establish a home. All in all my experience researching this topic thus far has been interesting to me and I am looking forward to expanding my research further.

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