Sunday, October 5, 2008

New Sources

This week for our class we had to turn in a working bibliography for our research paper. I wanted to find some more sources for my project, so I went to Marianne Popkins at the Historical Museum for help. She and I went over to the storage area for several binders full of personal interviews about Winter Park. In these portfolios there were transcripts of the interviews, and I was able to find three interviews about the Westside and Hannibal Square. Along with the interviews, I went to the archives to find a research paper called "A Window in Hannibal Square" by Fairolyn Livingston, which is full of information about the history of the de-annexation and re-annexation of Hannibal Square among other topics. Also Marianne got me into contact with Kim Mould, who is currently helping me to find sources and information on my topic. So I just want to give a big thanks to everybody for helping me to find all of these great sources, and hopefully I can make a successful paper out of the information!

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