Sunday, September 28, 2008

First week of work

Well, for this first week of work, I really understand how much work Ms. Popkins has on her shoulders. It seems like she has no help. The history of Winter Park rests on her shoulders. I find this saddening because there are so many old people in this town that could help her and provide information to her about Winter Park. I think that the work that we are doing will help her immsensly with the progression of the Winter Park historial museum. Also, even though the work kind of stinks, I see how it helps in the long run. For example, Julian and I made like gift bags for this tour that she is supposed to give. making 45 gift bags can take a while for Ms. Popkins to do all by herself. With Julian and I doing all the gift bags, all she has to do now is pull them out of the box and give them to the tourists. I also think that the museum is a pretty cool place. Not like Chicago museums though.... that is something that I have to get used to. One room and a couple of displays to represent a city does not seem like much, but after going around and looking at all of the pictures and information, the museum really does tell a lot of Winter Park.
By far, the coolest thing of the museum is that little play-place of the bar. I think that is the coolest thing I have seen since the mini Wrigley Field made out of gum wrappers. If I would steal one thing from that museum, it would be the little bar. The house that Ms. Popkins took us to was really cool also. That house has got to be worth millions. I cannot believe how much historical stuff is in that place and how old it really is. The one thing that I can appreciate about the place is that it has not been brought down to ruins. Anybody willing to do that is stupid. Well, for now that is all i have to say about the Winter Park museum adn that house that I can't remember the name to.

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