Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hannibal Square Continued

This week, while I was at the Winter Park Historical Museum, I had an interesting conversation with the director, Marianne Popkins. She told me there was a museum available to visit on the west side of town, which is where Hannibal Square is. I believe I should be able to find a great deal of interesting information from both the museum there, as well as the people in the area. Hopefully I will be able to locate some useful primary sources as well. Also Marianne told me about how the Winter Park Observer has printed several stories dealing with West Winter Park, and particularly Hannibal Square in the past, so I think that I will visit the Rollins Library archives and see if it isn't too hard to track down some of those articles for further researching. The more information I find out about this particular story, the more interested I become in it, so I am very pleased with the topic I decided to research and hopefully I will be able turn my research into a reputable paper.

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  1. You should think about the contrast between a African-American museum and the Winter Park Historical Museum. Why do they need two?