Sunday, September 28, 2008

More Research As The Drama Begins Between The Orange And The Mouse

After spending about two and a half hours on Friday in the archives, I've uncovered many things from an article that explains how Disney World would benefit every city and town in Central Florida except for Winter Park, how they were getting away with too much by being immune to certain laws and how they are currently violating the Disney Charter since they have yet to build the airport, nuclear power plant (only an idea but was still used as a reason for the charter), EPCOT development (according to the original plans that were presented by Walt), and the fact that they don't have thousands of people currently living on the Disney property.  I'm also still reading Married to the Mouse and have reached the part of the book which begins to discuss the "conflict" between Orlando and Disney, beginning with the fact that in 1985, Disney refused to allow the Orlando Sentinel to be sold on its property because of articles that attacked Disney for trying to prevent guests from ever leaving their property during their stay.  More drama to come next week.

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