Saturday, November 22, 2008

Almost There

Well, there's very little time before the end of the semester and the paper being due. I think my paper has come together well. When we were in the archives the other day they showed me a paper that a professor had written on Bucklin Moon. The paper, however, was far from helpful. I took a look, thinking that it may give me insight into something I missed, but the entire paper was about Moon's works, not his life. None of the sources were even helpful. It was an interesting idea, but the other paper didn't fit with mine.

But here we are, with the final draft upon us. I'm constantly going back through and changing sentences and adding a couple of things here and there, in a word, trying to make it perfect. I keep finding things that I want to put in and other things that I believe are too wordy. But I vow to turn in the best paper I can, so I will keep working on it until I turn it in. I may even find some corrections that I'll write on the final draft, haha.

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