Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the finish line

Well, it's almost that time; only three weeks left in the semester and only 2 more paragraphs to write. I'm pretty pleased with the way my paper turned out. The only thing I wish was that it could be longer...I sent out some emails the other day to everyone involved in the music department at Winter Park High School, asking if anyone would mind answering some questions about the music program and how it has developed over the years, and I got some very positive responses. I would love to be able to interview these people and put it in my paper, but that would push me over 8 pages and so I can't. That's the only thing i feel that my paper is missing -- a concise analysis of the history of music education in Winter Park. I have some information from my interview with Clyde Hall, but the problem with that interview is that it only gives me the perspective of a young black man's experience during that time period, and it is fairly obvious that a young white person's educational experience would have been different than that.

It has been fairly difficult to find information about the history of music in Winter Park, but I feel like I've done a pretty good job finding what I can. Most of my information comes from primary documents; actually, on second thought, nearly all of my information comes from primary documents, with one or two small exceptions. Really all I have left at this point is to finish my citations and actually do them right, and also to find a couple of pictures of the various people and places that I mention throughout (e.g. Clyde Hall). I just can't believe the semester is almost over!

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